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Thread Grinding

For cutting high precision threads and eliminating entry and exit lead errors our threadgrinding capabilities are PREMIUM PROBLEM SOLUTIONS

The Model No. 31 EXCELLO thread grinder offers both accuracy and speed. It is ideal for thread cutting in exotic materials and for jobs where the part must be heatreated or hardened prior to finish machining. By using this machine we can rough the threads, send the parts out for heatreat then finish grind them all in the same set-up. this of course spells cost-savings for you.

Thread grinding produces a nearly perfect thread in all respects. the root crest and pitch are all perfectly formed and the % of thread is kept over 95% at all times thus producing a substantially stronger thread in all cases.

Tolerances of Plus or Minus .0002" can be held on the pitch diameter.
Tolerance of Plus or Minus .0002" per Inch can be held on the lead


No.31 Ex-Cell-O Thread Grinder Specifications
... Maximum Work Diameter 5.0"
... Grinding Wheel Size 18" dia x 3/8" thick x 9" hole
... Minimum Grinding Wheel Size 12" dia
... Grinding Wheel Speeds (RPM) 1485, 1575, 1670, 1780, 1910
2040, 2150, 2290, 2450, 2640

... Work Drive Motor (2 Speed) 1Hp @ 900rpm , 2Hp @ 1800rpm
... Work Rotation Speeds (RPM) 6, 12, 8, 16, 20, 30, 40, 60
... Maximum Helix Angle Setting +/- 15 Degrees

... Maximum Work Length Between Centers is.. 18.0"
... Maximum Thread Length within 12" of Hdstk 8.0"


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