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For Medium duty cut-off Operations Our Do-all C5-A Automatic Horizontal Band Sawing capabilities are your

The Do-all Model C5-A Automatic Horizontal Cut-off Saw Optimizes first operation bar stock cutting procedures.

It's ease of set-up and use combined with Do-all's inherant accuracy make it a machine of choice for short to medium run jobs. By using this machine we can reduce the amount of wasted material and decrease the per cut time required. this of course spells cost-savings for you.

Tolerances of Plus .01" Minus 0.0" can be held on the cut length

Do-all C5-A Automatic Band Saw Specifications
... Band Motor Drive 2Hp
... Band Speed Infinately Variable(SFM) 50-250
... Maximum Cutting Capacity Square 12"wide x 5.0"high
... Minimum Cutting Capacity Round 6" dia


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