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Inspection QC Department

About the Cordax® 1000 CMM

The Cordax® is used for measurement of distances in "XYZ" coordinates. The work volume is 24" x 18" x 8" (609mm x 457mm x 203mm). The resolution of the display is .0001" (.0025mm). Within an 8" (203mm) cube the accuracy of measurement is +.0005" (.013mm).

Newtron's Inspectors are qualified and Trained in the use of all Inspection equipment. This Includes Setting-up, changing of probes and templates, checking for proper functionality, and general setup for dimensional recording. All applicable Inspection Equipment is calibrated by a third party for traceability to NIST Standards.

Our Comparator makes inspection of multiple features on complex parts fast and easy. The use of min / mean / max templates acts as Functional Gaging does for a single feature


Federal Products Co. Air Gauges and Internal Bore Gauges Further assist us in the Quest for Quality Control

Gage Blocks Are Used to set all other Comparative / Indicating Instruments

Our Brown & Sharpe Micrometer Sets are regularly Calibrated to N.I.S.T. Tracable Masters
The johnson gage is used for precision checking of thread pitch diameter and lead

Go / NoGo Plug and Ring Gages are used For In process inspection of any Threads Cut on our Machinery.
Calibration MIL STD-4562-1-A Inspection MIL-I-45208-A ... APP 105-E Defects / NonConformance 10-CFR-21
Navy Nuclear Requirements NCA 3800 ISO9000 Compliant

Request For Information on Inspection Facilities To
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  View of our pin gage bank. Standard shop gages are all Class x pins with tolerances of +0.0000/-.00002 they are used on our production floor as go/nogo gages for all hole making operations. Inspected regularly and caliberated to N.I.S.T. masters

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