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All of our Senior Staff Managers,Programers and Floor Supervisors hold engineering degree's From Northeastern University

Our Common Educational Background has fostered a distinctive kind of Co-operation and work ethic in the SERVICES we bring to our Customers.

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We Offer a unique service to our customers in the form of engineering design work specifically suited to manufacturing machine parts on the equipment we have available. With over 40 years of experience in the Industry and having Manufacturing Engineers on staff Trained in the use of the Latest Versions of the Industry Standard CAD program AutoCad_2000 we are able to bring Finished Mechanical engineering projects in on time and within budget more often than our competitors.

Customer Supplied "GEOMETRICALLY ACCURATE CAD DATABASES" can be converted into machine code for metal cutting directly by applying our Cam software "AUTOCAM" this approach can save both time and money for our customers as we no longer need to re-enter the information manually.

For customers who do not have "GEOMETRICALLY ACCURATE CAD DATABASES" or CAD capabilities our in house Programmers will quickly turn your standard Blue Prints into CNC Machine Code

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A Provider of Inspection equipment to the Semi-Conductor Industry utilizes our Engineering Services to Provide them with Mechanical Design Solutions as well as actually Manufacture the Parts.

This machine was custom built by a local company. It is used for inspection of original Artwork and Metal Masks used during micro-chip manufacturing.

The Machine is Capable of Recognizing Faults in artwork and Masks down to 10 microns. Newtron provided packaging of some optical and electronic components , Design of the rigid base and supporting members , and the fixturing mechanism to mount the masks under the len's objective.

Working together with you through the design phase to Solve your Engineering problems we then Provide our Customers with Completed Autocad Drawings and Engineering documentation of Their projects along with completed functional assemblies.
In return, Newtron reserve's the rights to future manufacturing runs of the components designed by our engineers.


This Housing is used to mount a General Dynamics high speed scanning mirrror. Providing a Light path to the proprietary ccd camera which allows imaging of a sample without actually moving the stage