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Cylindrical Grinder

The Model No. 5 Brown & Sharpe Cylindrical Grinder offers both extreme accuracy and maximum straightness of the work piece. This Machine's Forte is the ability to generate the Largest Perfect Cylinder with respect to the existing part geometry without removing excess stock. By incorperating additional work rests into the set-up, extremely high length to diameter ratio's Can be ground effectively. We have achieved 5/8"dia parts up to 18" long or appx a 30 to 1 L/D Ratio
which check to a total T.I.R of <.002 or appx .0001" per inch

Cylindrical Grinding produces a nearly perfect Outside Diameter in all respects. the Finish straightness and roundness are of highest achievable quality

Tolerances of Plus or Minus .0001" can be held on the outside diameter.


No.5 Brown & Sharp Cylindrical Grinder Specifications
... Distance Between Centers 20"
... Maximum Grinding Diameter 3.5"
... Grinding Wheel 5/8" thru 2" width's 14"diameter.. 4"hole
... Main Drive Motor 5Hp
... Grinding Wheel Speeds (RPM) 1772, 2077
... Work Drive Motor 1Hp
... Work Rotation Speeds (RPM) 202, 319, 505, 800
... Table Travel Speeds (IPM) 6, 11, 22, 39, 70, 133
... swivel table up to 3-1/4" per Foot


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