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Centerless Grinder

For producing low rms finishes, with the best roundness and straightness charistics Our Centerless Grinding capabilities are PREMIUM PROBLEM SOLUTIONS

The Model No. 2-EA Cincinatti Centerless grinder offers both accuracy and speed. It is ideal for pre-qualifying the outside diameter of parts for chucking operations in CNC Lathes. After being Prequalified by grinding, features like concentricity and parallelism of opposite part faces are much easier to control during the turning operations. This of course means a lower % of scrap and a cost-savings for you.

Centerless Grinding produces a nearly perfect Outside Diameter in all respects. the Finish straightness and roundness charistics are all of extremely high quality

Tolerances of Plus or Minus .0002" can be held on the outside diameter.

No.2 CINCINATTI Centerless Grinder Specifications
... Standard Work Rests 1/16" thru 3-1/2"
... Bar Grinding Fixture 1/8" thru 1-1/4"

... Wheels
... Grinding Wheel 4" 6" 8" width 20"dia 12"hole
... Regulating Wheel 4" 6" 8" width 20"dia 12"hole

... Main Drive Motor 15Hp
... Grinding Wheel Speeds (RPM) 1200,1500,1800

... Work Drive Motor 2Hp
... Work Rotation Speeds (RPM) 12, 16, 22, 29,
39, 52, 70, 94,
126, 165, 224, 300


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